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I worshiped with someone in Brazil today. Neither of us spoke the same language. Yet we understood each other. I believe technology is a direct blessing from God.

Soccer and Competitiveness

My first time playing in an organized sport was also my last. I will never forget. We were called the Green Machines. It was a t-ball league. You know, the pseudo-baseball game where there is no pitcher. The ball just sat in front of you. Though somehow, very hard to hit. I hated it. I felt scared and inadequate. We only won one game that season.

Ethan’s first soccer game was today. And it looked as though it started out like mine did. He was scared and timid and unsure of what he should be doing. But, he mustered up some courage, turned brave, and finished like a trooper. I think he just might like playing sports more than I did. 

Having a picnic under a tree.

I am at a party in Volusia county. It includes shooting crossbows.

Seriously considering moving my Minecraft server to an EC2 instance.


Ethan (my 4 year old son): My daddy is the best daddy. I love him so much!
Kaitlyn (my 5 year old niece): My daddy buys me toys so I love him too!

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