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Must get!

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If I had a garden, this would be in it.

Azimuth – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Azimuth – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thanks for the conversation. And yes, my beard enjoyed it.

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This is the best 6 minutes and 23 seconds I have spent in a long time.

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The songwriter continually acknowledges his own weakness, unfaithfulness and need for grace. And that’s what makes this such a refreshing compilation. Faith, Hope and Love seem to walk into the bowels of human depravity right alongside the poet. Faith and doubt aren’t enemies, they travel hand-in-hand. Human nature is eminently capable of unspeakable evil, but Grace never leaves sight. Stones will be moved. Tombs will be opened. The heart beats a bit slower. The Divine will break forth into creation. Healing comes.

Babeling about the new Mumford and Sons album – Occasio

Some of the best worship music ever released.

Wifey and Scotty tonight. (Taken with Instagram)

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Came home to Wifey and uncle Scotty playing 40k.

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