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The Guide To Trading Candy (by BuzzFeedVideo)

The new iPad Mini’s thin profile, weight, and balance make it perfectly designed to remove the head of a zombie from a good distance when tossed correctly.

A decade after George Lucas said “Star Wars” was finished on the big screen, a new trilogy is destined for theaters as The Walt Disney Co. announced Tuesday that it was buying Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4.05 billion.

Children of Super Heroes.

Found under my wife’s pillow.

Drinking coffee and reading the Dresden Files RPG while the kids play outside.

The kids don’t know I am awake.

I am listening to the Girls tell (make up?) stories to Ethan. They are such great siblings. So full of love. They honestly enjoy each other’s company. Reminds me of my brother and I.

Excuse me kitty.


The Walking Dead Zombie Army Men Figures

Making a mad-dash to Lift-A.

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