Productivity Tools that I love.

  • Google Calendar – I can’t think of single thing that has both, kept me more organized and efficient than Google Calendar. I went from being that person that had no respect for time or other’s calendars, to managing a list of at least 10 different calendars, in sync with my wife’s as well. It enables us to plan when we are not together and to be more responsive to those around us.
  • Remember the Milk – A simple (yet powerful and customizable) todo list app. With corresponding mobile apps, this is the best of both simplicity and power. (I have only used it one time to remember getting milk.)
  • Penzu – While not strictly a productivity app, writing in Penzu allows me to organize my thoughts. I don’t spend so much time pondering wastefully, instead I can have a record of those things which occupied my mind—Penzu works great for that, and more.
  • Basecamp – I hate project management. But, I love using Basecamp. Helps me keep track of those larger projects that include other people as well. Simple, gorgeous and intuitive. It is a winner.

What things do you use to help you be a more productive person?

And that’s the new paradigm. The middle class has died. The American Dream never really existed. It was a marketing scam. And it was. The biggest provider of mortgages for the past 50 years, Fannie Mae, had as their slogan, “We make the American Dream come true.” It was just a marketing slogan all along. How many times have I cried because of a marketing slogan. And then they ruined it.