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Should I Use a QR Code?

Should I Use a QR Code?

Project Hope Alliance – My Life.

A Nerd in a Cave: Rands In Repose

A Nerd in a Cave: Rands In Repose


hi guys! this is a comic i made for a final in my comics in literature class. we had to do a research paper on a topic we’d discussed in class and then accompany it with a comic with a relevant subject. my paper was about hyper-sexualization of women in comic books, but i decided to broaden it out here as well as personalize it and make myself the subject and discuss something i’ve been subjected to in the convention circuit and on the internet as well as thousands of other women, as well as give a cue to thought about how the comic book industry as well as the video game industry and even just media in general (all of which are male dominated) push such ridiculous pressures onto girls and women.

also, it feels kind of silly to have to add this since i hope it’s obvious, but i am very aware that there are men that don’t subscribe to this attitude, and am incredibly grateful that these issues are brought to light to people other than the ones that are subjected to it. 

anyway haha i have literally been staring at this for 9 hours i don’t even know which direction is up anymore. thanks for reading!!!


BANCO SABADELL – Som Sabadell flashmob (by BancSabadell)


If NES games were made today 

A gallery of what some popular NES games would look like if the industry norms of 2013 were applied to them.

Created by Hugues Johnson


#wedding day. (at Highland Manor)

#Swords for the wedding. (at Highland Manor)

A #game of #archipelago. (at BRIC House)

Stan Bush – The Touch (by BADASSHURRICANE)

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