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Agricola Trailer 01 (by Playdek1)

Recognized most widely as an author, family and friends also knew a generous, large-hearted, rugged, congenial, hard-working, optimistic and unpretentious individual whose curiosity, sense of wonder and sheer love of life were an inspiration in themselves. Author, friend, father and grandfather – there will never be another like Jack Vance.

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Chuck Norris wears William Elliot Whitmore pajamas.

Played first #game of #Fluxx tonight.

Hears weird noises outside like an alien attack.

Me: What would you do if we were actually being attacked by aliens right now?
Wife: Kill us all.
Me: What?
Wife: Heaven is too good to mess with aliens.

Family day! (at Orlando Science Center)

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Pay what you want. 

My wife’s Tumblr

My wife’s Tumblr

Wife: Honey, why do I want a hot dog right now?
Me: Can I tweet that?

Whenever GOB rides up on his Segway, he always changes the subject of conversation for the characters he rides up to, which means his Segway always causes segues.

53 More ‘Arrested Development’ Jokes You Probably Missed | Splitsider

OK, there really are jokes I didn’t catch yet.

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