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Who knew this thing happened? #mork #mindy


Sweet Little Girl Sings Death Metal Song Called ‘Zombie Skin’ on ‘America’s Got Talent’

m/ O m/

(via 1 | A Typeface Designed To Thwart NSA Surveillance | Co.Design: business innovation design)

All of her adult years postdate the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and she’s a citizen of the world, traveling wide and far to peddle her wares. If she can leave Georgia for the sake of commerce, she can leave Georgia in the realm of consciousness.

Chimay is so good.

(via How to Keep Beer Cold)

Fun article.

(via Chrome Web Store – texture)

My first attempt at a theme for Google Chrome. Check it out please, and if you like it go ahead and rate it, and share with your friends!

conversations which take place over iMessage and FaceTime are protected by end-to-end encryption so no one but the sender and receiver can see or read them. Apple cannot decrypt that data. Similarly, we do not store data related to customers’ location, Map searches or Siri requests in any identifiable form



This particular brand of Rogue beer lives up to its name because it’s brewed with yeast created from Maier’s beard. (via The Beard Beer by Rogue | GeekAlerts)

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