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The only mice I would welcome in my apartment (via A CUP OF JO: Let’s talk about cheese…)

“Zippy” as he is so named now, isn’t larger than a quarter.


Supercut of Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Sung By the Movies

Watching The Host with wifey.

The Online Minister Club

(via Apple – Downloads – Dashboard Widgets – Shatner Facts)

I just installed this. You should too.


This song cannot be played loud enough.


Nine Inch Nails: “Came Back Haunted.“ Directed by David Lynch.

From the forthcoming album Hesitation Marks, out September 3rd. Pre-order from or iTunes and get “Came Back Haunted” right away.

(via Beetle Sphere, 1953 Volkswagen Beetle Compressed into a Sphere)

Do people buy old computer books at garage sales?

Having never done a garage sale, and having to likely do one in the future, I wondered if was worth my time to try to sell them, or just toss them. What do you think?

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