Stanley Gaming Guild

A group of gamers that gather around Stanley Street, Longwood, FL.

Month: June 2014

Setting up for my first game of Commands and Colors: Napoleonics.

Two units done. 680 more stickers to apply. Thanks @gmtgames! #bgg #tabletop #ccn

Played a game of Battle Cry with my daughter. I won 6-2.

Playing Battle Cry with my daughter. My daughter is playing Robert E Lee and I am McClellan. #bgg #tabletop #battlecry



TNG cast before Star Trek

My mind… it is blown…


My first game of seasons. This one’s a bit of a brain burner. Colorful cards and colorful dice make for a very pleasant play experience but that doesn’t change the fact that the first time playing this leaves you utterly baffled. Reminds me of my first play of race for the galaxy

Really? I thought RftG was a lot harder to pick up.

Lawn has been mowed. Now it is time to learn a new game, Sword of Rome.

This is not cool.

Trying to learn Winter Tales for this week’s game night.

There is nothing I love more than popping out new game components and taking a big whiff of how the game smells.

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