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A group of gamers that gather around Stanley Street, Longwood, FL.

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Had a wonderful brunch date with my wife on our day off. Our schedules are rarely in sync, so it was like a mini vacation. Went to the White Wolf Cafe, Rock and Roll Heaven then stepped into Boom-Art for a bit.

Great story.

Getting ready to sink some ships.

Finally picked up The Hunters. After re-watching Das Boot I am super stoked to get this on the table!

Played a little ASL with a friend tonight.

Napoleonics. #gmtgames

#Hourglass #Brewery Giant Dwarf. #stout #vanilla #cherries #coffee #craftbeer (at The Hourglass Brewery)

Lunchtime gaming with tweezers.

Oh yes. The bigger the rig the better. I mean, you were going to setup for HOURS if not DAYS.

I don’t know how people say this game is too easy. I don’t think we have ever won.

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