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Month: March 2015

(via Ikea’s flat-pack refugee shelter is entering production | The Verge)

Pretty amazing.

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Jekyll looks sweet. I might have to build a new site using it.

A friend of mine brought over Victory of Europe by Columbia Games. A great game with a perfect balance of history and game mechanisms. A+!

Working on a project at work using Raspberry Pi’s. They work well for a single purpose or for hobby tinkering.


Young church folk from Sunnyvale protest against John Lennon’s remark that the Beatles are “more popular than Jesus” outside Candlestick Park in San Francisco where the Beatles are holding a concert, August 29, 1966

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Gotta say, I am impressed with their lettering ability; it is obvious that we have lost the ability to make decent protest signs. 

Playing through a game of Level 7 with my son!

Furthermore, many have commented favorably to the concept of having the patrol zone areas superimposed on a geographic/nautical display to give the spatial sense of location (as witnessed in some fan-created supplements for The Hunters). Towards this end, we are delivering Patrol Maps for both Pearl Harbor and Australia.


Coming 4th May 2015!

Preorder Wilder Mind now via iTunes or the Mumford & Sons Webstore!



Larry Elmore

The twins. I loved their story.

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