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(via Why political board games have the power to change our view of the world | Technology | The Guardian)

A great write-up on how significant gaming can be. Another game to look at is Freedom: The Underground Railroad.

Battle of Stamford Bridge


Battle of Stamford Bridge


The first to try and seize the crown and invade England was Harald Hardrada of Norway. He was helped by Harold’s brother Tostig, who was exiled from England.
Harald Hardrada and Tostig landed with a massive army of over 8,000 Norwegians in the North of England. They took York and declared Harald Hardrada King of England.
On hearing of the Viking (Norse) invasion, Harold Godwinson quickly…

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(via Show of Force | 99% Invisible)

During World War II, a massive recruitment effort targeted students from the top art schools across the country. These young designers, artists, and makers were being asked to help execute a wild idea that came out of one the nation’s most conservative organizations: the United States Army.
The crazy idea was this: The United States Army would design a “deception unit”: a unit that would appear to the enemy as a large armored division with tanks, trucks, artillery, and thousands of soldiers. But this unit would actually be equipped only with fake tanks, fake trucks, fake artillery and manned by just a handful of soldiers.

public radio

A work of Art. I call it, “The beginning of a lovely morning.”


Everything wrong with Game of Thrones Monopoly:

  1. There’s free parking — probably because there are no cars.
  2. In lieu of murder and / or mutilation, a grump, blue uniform-clad cop will put you in jail.
  3. No nudity, a Game of Thrones staple.
  4. The dragon egg token lands on House Targaryen but never turns into a dragon.
  5. … on a related note, the White Walker token roams free without anyone batting an eye and without first buying the Wall.
  6. … also, a direwolf can own property. Maybe that’s not a problem so much as a potential spoiler.
  7. Winterfell is the third most expensive property in the game (300) behind only Braavos (350) and King’s Landing (400). Have you seen Winterfell lately?
  8. Every player has a stipend. Survive long enough, and you’ll definitely get paid fairly.
  9. Game of Thrones Monopoly has a single, unified currency from the Iron Bank of Braavos.
  10. There is no mechanism for winning through violence.

Thus, we already know the winner of Game of Thrones Monopoly: capitalism. C.R.E.A.S.K. — Cash Rules Everything Around (the) Seven Kingdoms. There’s no point to play anymore. Let us know if Game of Thrones Risk ever becomes a thing.

Added a new article.

Added a new article titled Why Board Games?. You can get to it from the left side navigation. Feel free to share it with others.

While I am at it, here is a picture of my son beating me again in Commands and Colors.

Found some gems at my brothers house pillaging through our dad’s old books.

Went with the family and some friends to pick some blueberries today. Hot but fun. And delicious.

A New Home

I decided to move from to a self hosted website. The cost just isn’t justified for me, as only a few people were using it. When I signed up for it, I wanted to meet a few new people that would enjoy historical board games. And to that end, using Meetup was a success.

Going forward, the place where I will be posting info on upcoming game nights will be on GroupMe. Feel free to join the group to be notified on when the next gaming night will be.

I will use this site for major updates, or perhaps showcasing some larger events and photo galleries. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates.

Thank you so much @coolstuffinc for making my son’s 8th Birthday unforgettable for him and his friends.

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