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The Gothic Dreadknight

A wonderfull deadknights

Amazing work. 


Bataille de Lagos, 27 juin 1693
by Théodore Gudin, 1880, detail.

Rules ‘splaining. #bgg #desi

Harmon is the first bite victim. #bgg #deadofwinter

Dead of Winter. #bgg

Abel House launched tonight. A great group of people committed to Jesus and to loving others. Such a great time!

(via How HUGE is Minecraft? Explained in 8-bit | Data Attack – YouTube)

Pretty amazing stats. 

1805 Sea of Glory – A Beautiful Game.

A while back I was I was talking to a friend of mine about possibly getting a Nelson/Napoleonic Era naval game. He had recently re-purchased Wooden Ships & Iron Men and plan on getting some miniature ships to complement the game. So I new that I wanted to get a game that was more “operational” than tactical. I settled on 1805: Sea of Glory by GMT Games.

I have read through the rules and I think I will enjoy it greatly. The rules as released have needed lots of revisions. The living rules and updated charts are posted on GMT’s site. The map is gorgeous. After I get my son to sit down and play a game with me I will post some thoughts after play.

My son was baptized today, and his mom baptized him!

Today my youngest son was baptized!

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