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A group of gamers that gather around Stanley Street, Longwood, FL.

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Betrayal! #gencant #bgg

All setup. #c3i #consim #gmtgames

Setting up some Case Blue action while @shunammite and @reinna__ practice dancing. #consim #bgg @gmtgames #c3i


Illustrations by Dan Mumford / Twitter / Store

Part of the “Both Sides” art show at Gallery1988, celebrating heroes and villains along side artist Jeff Boyes. All artwork available HERE.

Tonight’s Distributed Church Network Dinner! #distributedchurch

Being cordless but low-tech,
He won’t talk on the phone anymore.

He says it’s lost somewhere,
Perhaps on the kitchen counter

Near the smear of mustard
Or by the slice of bologna–

Garden of the Asylum – Van Gogh Museum

Garden of the Asylum – Van Gogh Museum

My 8 yr old son: When does infinity start?
Me: O.o

Perfect pull. #Guinness

Setting up @gmtgames 1805: Sea of Glory so @gabe_ezra and I can play. #wargame #bgg #history #gmtgames

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