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Month: June 2016

Historical themed games.

Gaming Through History

I recently had a thought that it would be cool to play through all of the historical games I have in chronological order. I am sure that I am not the first one to think of it, but I am going to try it. The question is, do I include games with historical themes or purely simulators. I like the idea of using games that aren’t just consims in order to compare the experience. Do you learn anything about history purley from theme, or does it need to model history in order to learn. I am going to try to get a group of people to do this with me to to get their thoughts throughout the process. If it is interesting, I will write them up. Here is the list!



The Age of Sail

The Great War

World War II

Cold War

ASL Training Sessions

This training series is designed to get new users playing ASL as soon as possible. It uses graphics and audio to review the very basics of ASL, just as you would if you were teaching someone to play the game.

Source: ASL Training Sessions

These are great!

Happy Father’s Day

My father passed away April 29th, 2010. And while I didn’t get into the wargaming hobby until after his passing, I know he would have loved to play with me. I vividly remember him watching old war shows on A&E, reading tons of books on the Age of Sail.

In large part, my wargaming hobby exists to remind me of him. Love you Dad. I can’t wait to play some games with you in heaven.

My Dad and I

Jaden’s First Game of Twilight Struggle

One of the amazing thing about GMT Games’ Twilight Struggle is how simple it is. The mechanisms are easy to teach and don’t take long to go through.

After beating her in the second turn by controlling Europe, she had a feel of the game and wanted to play again right away.

Last Thursday Games

We had a great time playing Operation FAUST and Elder Signs. 

Playing against Shub-Niggurath can usually prove difficult. This was no different. It came right down to the wire! 

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