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Orlando War Gamers

ASL Special Weapons

There is something to be said about the ritual of clipping counters for war games. To me, it is almost worth the price of the game. It allows you to get familiar with the game components as well. Serves an in game purpose as well; makes it easier to push counters around the map without […]

Paths of Glory

Yesterday I had an opportunity to GMT Games’ Paths of Glory. I purchased it a while back, and aside from tooling around with a solo variant and getting a little used to the rules, I hadn’t really had the time to dig into it. My first game was fun; however, it was over quick. Really […]

ASL Training Sessions

This training series is designed to get new users playing ASL as soon as possible. It uses graphics and audio to review the very basics of ASL, just as you would if you were teaching someone to play the game. Source: ASL Training Sessions These are great!

War Game Day 6/4

The next war game day has been determined to be June 4th. What a great day for history! Henry III became the Holy Roman Emperor In 1942, the Battle of Midway was in full swing. 1944, Rome falls to the Allies And of course, two days later, June 6th, troops landed on the beaches of […]

Japanese hold Mount Suribachi! Twice!

We decided to play the Iwo Jima overlord scenario for Memoir ‘44 to honor of the 71st Anniversary.  Initial setup: First game setup. Connor, Charlie and Sean are playing the Japanese while Mike, Jeremy and myself are assaulting Iwo Jima. It didn’t go well for the Americans.  Next, Mike, Jeremy and myself take the role […]