I have had a blog for a long time. Not that I am avid blogger, mind you. I initially started out of a fascination with running a LAMP based CMS platform. My first foray into Linux was some version of Mandrake, now Mandriva. That distribution never worked for me. That resulted with my brother buying me a version of Red Hat (7, I believe, this was prior to all the current Fedora versions.) That version installed and ran like a champ. Next I compiled and installed Movable Type. Now I had a server, website (no domain name, ran just from it my RR IP!) and blog all in one fell swoop. 

My love/hate relationships with journals (much more manly than a diary) started early in my life. I love books. I love the sensory experience of books. The weight of the paper. Their bindings. Their heaviness. Their smell. Their color. Their potential. Walking into a library or book store makes me think of all the thoughts, personalities and stories held within those proverbial four walls. So, I began buying blank journals, having every intention to help create that experience in a personal way, telling my personal stories. As much as I want to be a writer, I know I am not.

So after years of “blogging” and “writing” in my journal, I can say there is a stark difference for me. When I blog, like this, I write with understanding someone will read it. When I journal, I try to just write what I am thinking. That produces a stark difference. I am finding that journal-ing is very therapeutic. 

When you blog, knowing that people will read what you wrote, does it change the way you write?