I am n00b to war games

I am not sure how I got here.

I grew up playing RPGs starting with D&D. My brother (5 years my senior) and I would play with flash lights under the bed spread. Great memories there. I then grew into collecting and trying all kinds of RPGs. During that time, I am pretty sure I picked up a second edition version of Talisman. Which was like a RPG in a box.

That was the first experience of a board game not by Hasbro or by Mattel. It took a while to see that there were more types of board games, including all these “boring” games I saw at my FLGS. They had boxes and boxes of games with drab covers. I would pass them time and time again, year after year, without giving them second gaze. They existed in my periphery.


Not sure what made me pick up a copy of Sword of Rome. It surely wasn’t the cover on the box. (Which has won me over now, along with most GMT / Rodger McGowan covers.) Perhaps it was my growing interest in general world history. I have always liked history, but haven’t really pursued it; being in the back seat, while places like Middle-Earth and Krynn were in the front.

As I got married and added 6 kids to the family, my RPG hobby suffered. No regrets, as I still consider myself a family man first. However, time has permitted the luxury of picking up gaming again. I found many euros and AT style games that I enjoy and ones that my friends and family enjoy too.

I can’t say that I lost interest in them; my gaming group is more about the social aspect than the game on the table, and that will continue to be the case for a long time and I am okay with that.

However, when I look at the game on the table, I have found that it hasn’t grabbed my attention as much as they used to.

There is something new and fresh about learning history through board games. I feel like when I have Sword of Rome on the table, I learn something. In fact, it has inspired me to read about that area of history. I am finding that my desire to learn about actual history is far surpassing that of spending time in the fictional.

I have purchased four “war games”1 since I have been back in the gaming hobby (along with lots of other games.) They are as follows: – Sword of Rome – Commands and Colors: Napoleonics – Here I Stand – Unconditional Surrender!

My hope is to share some thoughts on these games, from the perspective of the n00b, with a series of posts, pictures and the occasional video.

  1. To me a war game is (as of right now) a game that covers historical conflicts. 

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