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I dream of playing war games with my dad in heaven.

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My father passed away some years ago, and I think of him often. He loved history and boating. He was a man of many hobbies, crafts and loves. I now know that it was because in had an insatiable desire to learn. He liked having a full understanding of everything he tried. 

As I have gotten older, my love for history has dramatically increased. I watch documentaries, thinking back when he used to watch them. WWII, Napoleonic and ancient history were all subjects he loved. 

As my love of gaming is moving into historical conflicts, I know that we would have had a great time learning some of these games together. 

I now picture him next to me, when I set up these games to learn the rules. I pretend to have conversations with him about the game, the history. I enjoyed his company, I enjoy thinking of him, and I enjoy the idea that we might be able to spend more time together. 

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