I drove two hours away to see the 48fps HFR version of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I cannot, in good conscience, say this was a good choice. I found it much more distracting than cool.
I’d heard people say it made everything look like a daytime soap opera, and I can see why. This was, by far, the most cognitively dissonant experience of my adult life. It seemed like every five minutes, I would see something and my gut would tell me I was watching a low-budget made for TV production which miraculously still had the movie’s actual cast, much like the Star Wars Holiday Special. Then, I would look around, and the environment was beautiful, and everything was insanely detailed. Then I’d look at the people on the screen and think they just threw some costumes on people and this movie had a budget of $11 and then I’d realize one of them was riding a warg and it looked 100% amazingly realistic and just as cheap as everyone else. I do not understand how those conditions can simultaneously exist.

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