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Magic the Gathering Draft Day!

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Magic Origins

It is time again for another Magic the Gathering Draft! The last time we did this, it was an excellent turn out and loads of fun was had, even if Colin slaughtered us with his stupid mountain goblins.

Are you a little rusty on how to play? You can go to Wizards of the Coast’s site to get a refresher. Did you know there is a new set coming out? It is called Magic Origins. With Magic Origins, there are some new mechanisms introduced. You might want to read up on them too.

Draft Day

Here’s a list of Saturdays that we are proposing. Please sign up for what days you are available and willing to play. All you have to do, in order to sign-up is, click on the link, enter your name, check the boxes on the Saturdays you can play, then click Save. We will then choose the day where most people can play.

Update: We will be playing on August 1st!

The Specifics

A couple of things to note:

  • Start time is 11AM sharp, and expect 6-8 hours, including the draft, sleeving and lunch break.
  • We will start before lunch. Therefore, we will also order pizzas (or have some other kind of food delivered).
  • There is a minimum of 8 players, maximum of 10, and a cost $19$23, based on the number of people participating and rounding up, to the nearest dollar. The money will go towards the cards, the sleeves and the pizza. BYOB/D.)
  • 50 minutes per match, which is 3 games. (Strictly enforced.)
  • The top 3 places will get unopened pack(s), and everyone gets to keep the cards they drafted.

There is nothing like that new card smell after cracking opening a booster pack.

I am excited! Last time was a blast. Looking forward to doing this again. Do you have questions or comments? Let me know below!

― Rob

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