I’ve tried to make meeples and city tokens into things other than dangley jewelry, but they were just too big and heavy. Or, I was afraid the chunky painted dudes just would not hold up to wear and tear. I want to make more subtle post earrings, cufflinks, and cell phone/zipper dongles.

So, I took a chance and sent some of my own (albeit simple) designs to Ink It Labs. They’re based out of Austin and were super quick to reply to all my questions.

I chose the 1” laser cut, 1/8” maple wood, UV coated (no color) option and HOLY COW I LOVE THEM!

They included the cut-out portion that created the negative space, which was a total surprise for me! Look at those teeny tiny cities, oh my goodness!

Look out, people of Earth. You will soon see the most rad-nerdy board game dongles and earrings. Now…To assemble!

Pretty cool idea!