I have been working on creating a cognitive gaming community around central Florida. Honestly, there is a huge community already, but I was hoping to be able to create a place (or places) for them to congregate and to be aware of each other. To that end, here are a few new resources:

  • OrlandoGamers.net — A forum dedicated to all types of gaming. I have put a couple of my groups already up there, but if you already have a gaming group, and want your own forums (public or private) please let me know and I will be happy to create a sub-forum for you on the website.
  • OrlandoGamers.net Slack Group — If you haven’t heard about Slack, you might want to check it out. It is IRC with a beautiful front-end and loads more features, and it is pretty fun too. You will need to sign up here: http://orlandogamers.net/slack to get into the group.
  • Orlando Wargamers — A place for central florida miniature and board wargamers. If you love ASL, SPI, OSC, MMP, GMT or Avalon Hill, you might have found your place.
  • Game Night Communities — This is a strange one, and it isn’t fully finished yet. Consider it beta, however, it works. If you go to http://gamenight.community you will see a list of groups and events (mostly powered by meetup.com, that are central to the Orlando area. This is a project that is “sponsored” by my employer Northland, as a way to get family and friends together for games. Gaming is good for you. In the end, this site will load the same kind of content based on your browser’s geolocation, but right now, it is tied to Longwood.
  • And that leads me to Game Night at Northland! — Mostly about all of the above but doing so on Northland’s campus. This is an event that is community driven and serves no agenda other that getting together and playing games. Difference here is that there are video games and sports included too. Check it out.

It is my hope that through some of these endeavours you will find a community of friends that hopefully allows you to experience a little more joy in your life.