It’s finally happening. Today, the FCC votes on whether the internet belongs to you, or to the cable companies.

You’ve already done a phenomenal job of encouraging the FCC to adopt rules that will keep the internet free, fair, and thriving—nearly 200,000 calls to Congress have been placed from Tumblr alone, hundreds of thousands more from a diverse coalition of partners, and 4 million total comments have been submitted directly to the FCC. You raised you voice and, holy cow, your government is actually listening. By all accounts, Chairman Wheeler is prepared to do the right thing—a politically brave thing—and enact firm net neutrality rules under Title II of the Communications Act.

If this happens, it’s you guys who deserve the credit for making it happen. So let’s make sure it happens. If you haven’t called your representative yet, call your representative. If you’ve already called your representative, call them again.

And with your help, we’ll all have an historic milestone to celebrate: An internet whose freedom is secure for generations to come. 

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