08/07/2022 - thiccc


Rob, John, Kelbs (virtual), Campo, Ethan

200 for surviving the mold storm!
400 points for killing the Spike, the Whisker Monster.
400 skyfischer


Anyone gets a +4 to fortitude checks due to my exceptional skills in medicine. Morning of day six. The lashunta woman’s body explodes with larvae! Tree grabs a larvae and names it D’Artagnan. 12 miles the first two days. We are currently at 48 miles of around 120 miles.

More :poop: in Wynter’s mouth!

9.5 miles traversed today. Time to pitch our tents. Another day of pressing forward; a :mushroom: mold storm! We decided to suit up and press forward.


We feel the ground shaking and we can hear some trees falling. Tree and I take a steel/titanium rope and tie it between two trees. It doesn’t phase the creature at all. Alas! It charged the Tree and ran it to the ground sending the Goblin to the ground. The creature takes las-blasts as if nothing happened.


After getting really close to the “other side” I am back through spending resolve. Apparently the Goblin did a head shot and killed the monster.

10.5 miles progress…

A long rest ensues. In the morning, we continue and stumble upon a clearing where a large stone statue of a woman laying down.

The Tree feels searing pain in its “chest.” I am covered in webbing! So is the Tree! I see a plasma scabbard leaning on the wall, I withdraw a sword to cut myself out of the webbing, it didn’t work. We are now being pulled into the air!

After fighting a bit; the sky fisher it leaves!