09/10/2022 - Balzec is back!


Rob, John, Kelbs, Campo, Ethan

700xp for clearing the temple and killing the cultists
200xp for deciphering the ancient texts
500xp for the lore guardians
600xp for the rest of cultists and the cult leader

There were a few credsticks each 150 credits.


  • We walked into the temple and took a right; killed three cultists and found the academia lady.
  • We then walked into the inner sanctum. Read some ancient texts.
  • Wynter went to the top and found a power charged crystal ball.
  • Then some lore guardians attack!

  • killed the cultist leader!

@azh10 Thanks for correcting my goof. :wink:

No worries I think there was other funny math as well I’ll update eventually