09/10/2022 - Flameskulls again!


Lindsay, Lucas, John, Ethan, Ashton, Kelbs, Rebeca


(for gold eagles on the bed posts, but no one in the party said they picked up or taken…)


  • After exploring the area some more (the area where the witches were) they found a room with a large iron and wood construct. And after hacking on it they gave up and moved on.
  • Another room was found with a marble bed that had four gold eagles perched on top of the bed posts.
  • Victor was possessed by Strahd and he warned the characters that minions were on their way to vanquish the party.
  • Hammy took Victor to the front of the temple to have him keep guard for Strahd’s minions, and to possibly stay away from the rest of the party, if he became possessed again. On the way the party have discovered that the Flameskulls have been rejuvenated. After scrambling around, the party remembered that unless the destroyed Flameskulls have been either dispelled or sprinkled with holy water.

Areas Explored Thus Far:

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