7/24/2022 - So cute, so dangerous


Rob, John (Virtual), Kelbs, Campo

300 - for the Ksarik


I was able to rest up and heal up, only to fail my sun/heat check. Currently fatigued and hot. The obelisk reveals: “You are approaching Loskialua, Monastery of Starsong, Embassy of the Spheres, and Temple of the Twelve.” Tree, Wynter, and I were unable to decode any other phrases.

Thought of trying to blow up the obelisk, but it was too big to do so.

Failed to get a buff for the day. Got hit in the back of the head with a rock. Continuing to move forward. The path opens up to a 100 ft visibility. No one seems to have been around here before. We are now exhausted and fatigued. Tree gets some :poop: in the face! The Goblin escaped the poop to the face.

We have now rested. Goblin and I stay awake to watch. While Wynter, R1CK and Tree attempt a full rest. Goblin and I noticed the monkeys are trying to break a branch above Wynter. Goblin takes a shot and hits one on the shoulder. I throw a grenade and blew up a monkey and sent the branch down on Wynter’s tent. :boom: The monkeys are scared of our shock and awe campaign.

We rested and started up again. Goblin saw a colorful animal with tentacles on it’s face. Goblin screamed like a child and then it disappeared. Then I saw it. Same thing; it ran away it. Another heat stroke check; another failure.

Ksarik - the colorful creature shot :dart: at Wynter and he got poisoned!

After a scaring it off we went by a waterfall and said, piss off! and then went on! It’s so :hot_face:. More marching; it’s back! We are shooting back at it! One gets me in the arm with a stupid needle dart thing.

Then, for no apparent reason, Goblin shot Wynter in the nuts. :question: Then a stickybomb was thrown, acrobats were done. Exhaustion and fatigue. Some of them feel a little weird.


A large clearing was found; about 200’ round. A long rest ensues. R1CK gets another dart stuck into his forcefield.

Moving on; another day. The goblin is in such bad shape, the Tree is carrying him. Wynter has two “infections.”

The creature appears; terrorizes us and then moves on! DAMMIT.

Suddenly: a person crying for help! We run (well, hobble) to a clearing. The sun! :sun_with_face: We see a Lushunta woman on the ground, severely hurt. Ah! Stung by that stupid Ksarik beast! I feel funny. It squirts acid. I swing. I miss. Goblin runs like a little child. I am bitten. I hurt. Goblin grows some courage makes a shot; it hits! After a few times it resolves to continue to live! After we continue to hack and slash it; it’s :skull_and_crossbones: !!

Lashunta woman was part of the Cult of the Devourer. The Stargazer is up the way a bit. @azh10 really meant 3 days away. Wynter gave me a healing serum. Back on the road…

Really mean, I mean if that’s what you want!

lol, I meant meant, not mean, but somehow mean also works.