9/5/2021 - Session 1 (Gang Shoot Out!)

9/5/2021 (Actually when I probably put the entry into Herolab.)

Rob, John, Kelbs, Campo



duraval Kreel - dwarf dock 94

1300 - human male, normal was taken away

Starfinder office is in the spire or bubble

Gang fight between 21 level and docksides

Kreel dies

1 grenade used

looted 2 bodies:

  • 1 battery
  • cred stick with 150
  • 2 laser pistols

All three dockside kings died


Moons Hotel is where Kreel lived.

200 credits for signing bonus

docksider kings control several docs on the “downside” 31-36 levels

Slom sleeps - hotel on level 21

  • Gave 12 credits for 2 rooms

The Astral Extractions Company

Astral Extractions Company
has recruited the Downside Kings to threaten the
Hardscrabble Collective and pressure the miners
into handing over the Acreon and the Drift Rock to
the company without dispute

The Acreon is a derelict ship that came in without a crew and has a drift rock attached.

Kreel has ties to the dwarves and mining rights and actively challenging the Astral Extractions Company

The Fusion Queen nightclub is used as a front on level 31.