Findings from the ancient texts

they learn that the Oatia elves were a philosophical offshoot that spurned their Sovyrian kin

and sought a new life of cosmic contemplation on Ukulam, thousands of years before the Gap. Their techniques quickly improved, and through a combination of telescopes and divination magic, the elves discovered a strange constellation of 12 stars that formed a perfect circle in the sky. The more they studied the constellation, the stranger their dreams became, and powerful scholar-priests began recording the odd language they saw and heard.

As the elves’ knowledge of and exposure to the galaxy expanded, they parleyed with increasingly bizarre and powerful alien minds, most notably a powerful being known as Ibra—especially noteworthy because the elves’ records suggest that Ibra may not have been a deity at the time. Through Ibra’s teachings, the elves studied the mysterious circular constellation, learning that it was not a natural feature but the construction of an impossibly ancient and highly advanced species untold light years away. Casting their minds far into the cosmos, the scholar-priests sensed that the ring pulsed with an unnatural energy, which led them to believe it to be a gateway of some kind. The elves called it the Gate of Twelve Suns, and they renamed their temple in honor of it.

Some of the scholar-priests believed that the Gate of Twelve Suns held back some powerful army. Others postulated that it magnified the thoughts and dreams of another galaxy and that it could be the key to untold knowledge. The most popular hypothesis, though, was that the Gate of Twelve Suns represented such power that it could only be (or serve as the portal to) some cosmically powerful superweapon. One of the scholar-priests even posited the existence of a so-called “Stellar Degenerator,” which could drain all energy from a star, turning it into a hypothetical stellar remnant called a black dwarf. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive note of where the Gate of Twelve Suns is—as if identifying its location was taboo to the elves.

As interpretive disputes broke out among the elves, they agreed that from the confines of Loskialua, they could never confirm their theories, much less attain enlightenment through discovery under the inspired guidance of Ibra. They packed up what they needed, and then they performed a ritual that the texts referred to only as “the Celestial Voyage.” The implication is that the elves traveled to another system, though whether they succeeded or failed is uncertain from these records