GW's Warhammer a "war game?"

What do you all think? Do you consider 40k or Fantasy a war game? Should the site have it’s own section? They aren’t in the same bucket for me, but I can see how they would be for some people.

Ohhh… Let me take a shot running through this mine field…

Ok full disclosure, I was a GW’addict in the 90’s from Rogue Trader through 40k 4th Ed.
I had 12 different armies, between fantasy and 40k.

My opinion… They should have their own section, 40k and WHFB, are not “Wargames” for me in the traditional sense, I would categorize them as Miniatures Battles. I would bucket them in the same group as BattleTech, Warmachine, ect.

In that same vein I would also put Flames of War and X-Wing in it.

My split is any game that requires a hobby element, painting, collecting, terrain building, is something more of as Hobby/Wargame game, than a Wargame simulation in the traditional sense of hex and counters.

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Pretty much totally agree. I also started in the 90’s with Warhammer! I wrote about my relationship with 40k, and how I started down the path on ASL, on a blog post on BGG even though I haven’t played a proper game of either in close to 5 years. I’d be down to play ASL on a more regular basis! I know that @nekengren plays quite a bit (or at least I think he does). Perhaps we can get a game going either via VASL or in person one of these days!

Agreed. I went ahead and made a section for Warhammer, as I think the others might not have that many players in our immediate group. Thanks for the input!

I consider both of them, and other games in that ilk e.g. BattleTech, to be wargames.