New ASL "Sub" group here

I just wanted to add a group here for anyone that would like to play on line via or in person sometime. I made the group open just incase anyone wants to join it:

@ASLPlayers !

Sweet! I’m interested in ftf and/or VASL play.

Do you have a night that works best for you?

I’m in.
FTF or online for anyone.
Normally Monday-Friday work best.
Retired and I have all the base ASL modules.


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Not necessarily. It varies from week to week. But Thursdays are generally out for me, and Fridays not much better. Are you available Mon Tue or Wed evening next week? (27th, 28th, 1st). I think I might be able to play one of those nights.

I should like to learn Advanced Squad Leader sometime.

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Do you have a copy of the rules @Halian? The main rules are a bit… verbose. I think I might have an extra copy of the first starter kit rules I can give you the next time we see each other.

I have not, since I wasn’t aware of the game before joining this group. :frowning:

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ASL Starter Kit rules are available for free download from the publisher (MMP) here: ASLSK Downloads : Multi-Man Publishing


That’s great I didn’t know that.