Orlando Wargame Day for April

What are people’s availability for getting together for a game day? Either the 22nd or the 29th? Any one able to meet up?

  • I can make the 22nd
  • I can make the 29th
  • I can’t make either of these days.

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Do we have the Fire in the Lake original crew or do we need to come up with another game or two?

I’m here, and down to play whatever if there’s not a FitL crew!

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There’s a new game store in Altamonte, Layton Gaming, that I’d like to suggest.

I still need to properly learn how to play Kill Team, Warcry, 40k, and AOS; other than that, I can bring Ogre, Luftwaffe, or Battletech Alpha Strike, though I would need to learn the first two of those as well.

Alright folks, we are going to get together this Saturday (the 22nd) at noon at Haven games. I will bring Shogun (I think it plays up to 6) and I think @Smith might bring Fire in the Lake if we have 4. See you all then!


Fire in the Lake for the win!

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Hey folks. On a unrelated note, I am feeling under the weather. I am not sure if it is allergies or just a common cold. Do you all mind if we push back our game day a week?