Orlando Wargame Day March 2023 (Planning)

Hello @Wargamers !

It is time to pick a day in March for our next outing. Here are the following days that I have available:

  • Saturday the 4th
  • Saturday the 11th
  • Sunday the 12th

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My birthday is the 19th, so that weekend is shot, and then my father-in-law’s weekend is the next weekend; so that day is shot. Do any of the above options work for you?

Unfortunately the earlier part of March is booked up for me; friend visiting from out of state, helping another friend move.

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Unfortunately I am traveling in March to Scotland, so my March is hosed. My next gaming availability is on or after April 8th.

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That sounds amazing! Have fun and have some scotch for me!

Well, it turns out that I have to travel for work, so this month looks like it will be a bust!