Orlando Wargame Day - Planning (December '22)

I would love to get into a regular cadence of a month War Game day. However, I think December might be a long shot; Anyone have time available for a December game day? @nekengren @Nurd6 @Atraangelis @blintkreig @Heckmac

What say you?

I have lots of December free. Yes, a regular cadence is always better and you will get less no shows :frowning:

November for me was too busy with lots of birthdays and doctor stuff and vacation.

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Agreed. And I would love to get some ASL on the table!

I only have the 10th or 17th free (for now) :grimacing:
Hopefully the Emperor does not pull rank for either of those two days.

But i have a lot of mid week days i could be free. after the 18th. Iā€™m on Vacay for 2 weeks.

I would like to try an ASL game.

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Mid december saturdays is possible on my end

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