Orlando Wargame Day - Planning (November '22)

Hello everyone!

I think it is way past the time to get together and play some historical conflict simulations. I miss me some paper maps and cardboard chits! And while there are no restrictions to any particular kinds of games, think of this kind of event where you are able to play the games your family or normal friends won’t play with you. :wink:

Here are some games that I have, that I would be willing to play/run/teach:

In the past, I have hosted the event at my house, but we now have some rambunctious dogs, and wifey is in school, so, I would like to have it at local game store. Right now, I am thinking Haven Games or the Collective. Right now I am just planing things, hoping to get an idea of interest and how many people would be willing to join in.

Would you please do me a favor and respond to one of the answers below? It will help me organize the event. Right now, my preferred day is November 12th.

  • Yes, I will try and make it no matter what.
  • No, I can’t make the date, but otherwise I’d love to.
  • Need more details.
  • Not interested.

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We tentatively have 3 tables setup for us to play on. Please use this sign up sheet in order to plan any game you want to teach and play or just play: November 2022 War Game Day Sign-up Sheet - Google Sheets

Have any questions, comments or additional ideas? Please reply with them below.

I’m a solid maybe!

I also have COIN: Fire in the Lake (2-4p), Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles (2p) and Combat Commander: Europe (2p)


I’ve always to play Combat Commander!

Me too! All three I’ve yet to play aside from questionable solo efforts

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sure i can make it. I have minis for CommandandColors if needed.

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Awesome! It’s been far too long @nekengren !

I think I’m good for that day. I’m looking forward to play some ASL or Napoleonics but I can bring OCS Korea if anyone wants to give that a run (it’s unopened so we’ll have to punch the chits)

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I am currently talking with Haven, if it is a Saturday or Sunday they might need to charge a table fee. Throwing some numbers out there, would anyone who is interested be willing to throw in a small amount? If so what seems reasonable? If the idea of a fee isn’t great then I can see about hosting at my place. Just trying to get a feel for what folks’ appetite are.

Hi there, I will be attending.
I am good with Haven, its around the corner from my house.
What are the hours? I’m also ok with chipping in a few bucks.

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Not sure the hours yet. Still thinking things through. Originally if we have some big games (long play time) it might be and all day thing, but I imagine just an open window of gaming. Games like Here I Stand can go from 4-10 hours depending on the circumstance.

I’m good from noonish on. Always got to take care of the chores in the morning, happy wife happy life.

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Totally on the same page. :wink:

Right now, Haven is suggesting a $5 “fee” for each player which gets you a drink and a snack. Seems reasonable to me.

As for games to play on that day, are there any “big” games that folks might want to try and organize? I have yet to play Here I Stand in person, and have only played it online. So I am interested in that; are there any others that y’all might want to coordinate?

Although it looks really interesting , I think HiS might be a bit to heavy for me jumping in cold turkey. I’m not sure I have 10 hours to commit, but if that’s what we chose, ill do my best!

I’m definitely down for CNC:Nap or Ancients, Tricorne, or some CC:Europe.

As a note I do own the entire collection set for Tide of Iron.

As for the fee, very reasonable.

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Agreed; HiS or something like that almost requires it’s own day. Perhaps in the future. I imagine most of us have some sort of C&C game that we can bring and those are easy enough to jump around tables to play.

However, I think there may be few COIN games that some might want to play that might require some “planning” or rather someone should sign up to teach it to those that might want to play.

Same goes for the Nevsky or Almoravid would require some planning to learn and teach.

So the main question I have for everyone that wants to come, who is willing to teach and lead a game outside of the C&C games?

I will put myself down for teach and playing a game of either Nevsky or Almoravid. Does anyone want to sign up to teach and lead a COIN game?

I have created a sign-up sheet for us to use to help organize some of the longer games. That link is: November 2022 War Game Day Sign-up Sheet - Google Sheets

Out of curiosity , does any one have Borg’s RED ALERT??
would Space Empires 4x also be considered a war game?

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I think yes to both of those! Lemme loop in Charlie; I think he has Red Alert.

And I would love to play Space Empires 4x!

I’d be willing to give this game a try. And there is nothing like punching chits and the smell of a new game… mmmm…

I’m down to give SE4X a run as well!

I’m out of town for work on the 12th… :frowning: