Orlando Wargame Day - Planning (November '22)

Sad face! We will try to start doing these more often! Hope all is well with you friend!

I am down to play & learn but I am not confident I have the brain capacity to teach a COIN game without it taking around 4-5 hours!

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Okay everyone, as we get down to a week or two away, how are we feeling about being able to come out and play a game or two? I think based on current feedback, I will ask the folks at Haven Games for two tables instead of three as I don’t think we have enough players to justify camping out on two tables. So right now, we have two games dog-eared for now, Possibly Nevsky, and @Nurd6 says they are up for teaching / learning ASL(or SK1), OCS Korea, M44/Battlecry/C&C:A.

Remember the sign up is here: November 2022 War Game Day Sign-up Sheet - Google Sheets

What’s OCS Korea, that Korea: The Forgotten War? I’m down for it!!, also CC Ancients or M44. I would not mind a SK1 ASL scenario.

Ill block out a window for some nonsense later in the afternoon. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Out of curiosity , any one got any of the Combat Commander Series??? Europe or Pacific?
I love those. Patrick Pence turned me on to those a few years ago.

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I think @Smith said he had some Combat Commander. Or maybe it was @Nurd6 ?

Yeah I have CC:Europe but I’ve yet to dedicate time to learning the bugger!

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I may be able to sort of teach it (little slow) I have several games under my belt, fundamentally understand the rules.

I also want to toss out, Anyone got Fire in the Lake or A Distant Plain??? I would be soo down for one of those.

I do have Fire in the Lake!

Bring it! ill play it! (need teaching)

I think FitL would go down best with 4 committed players and a whole-ass afternoon

Alright folks, tomorrow is the day! I think I will be there when it opens at noon, and I will likely bring the following game:

  • Time of Crisis
  • Commands and Colors: Napoleonics (the base game)
  • Space Empires 4x
  • Twilight Struggle

(these are the games that I don’t have to re-learn, I wasn’t able to freshen up on the Levy and Campaign rules, so I will leave those at home unless someone specifically wants to have a “learning” game, then I can bring either Nevsky or Almoravid)

And since I think we will only have 4-5 people we might only get one table. Matt (the owner of Haven Games) says five bucks will be good for a fee, which will also get a snack and soda, or something like that.

Care to raise your hand if you plan on making it? I’d like to let Matt know a pretty accurate number. Right now I think who’s coming is me, @nekengren, @Atraangelis, @Smith, @Nurd6 and @blintkreig . Anyone else?

The Haven’s address:
3385 South US Hwy 17/92, Suite 269
Casselberry, FL, 32707

I am coming for sure, I have kind of a hard stop for me around 6-7ish…
I can get two games in for sure

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Unfortunately I’ve got some fence damage I need to see to thanks to Nicole, so I’ll have to give this weekend a pass… A crying shame! I can get FitL learned for next time though, assuming there’s interest in a COIN game.

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No worries! It won’t be the last time we do it.

sorry but can’t make it. I was really looking forward to it. Please count me in next time. Sorry.

just got back from Fall In HMGS in PA and did a one week road trip seeing battlefields with 3 others.
My wife double booked me for her own birthday Saturday while i was gone.
she wins.

Thanks for letting me know folks. I am going to tell Haven games to only hold one table for @Atraangelis and I and possibly @blintkreig

it’s all good, @draft13, since you have way more wargames than me, just bring what ya want to play , ill be willing to give ya a decent opponent!

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Hey Robert, I will be there.

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It’s been way too long! It’ll be good to catch up.

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