Our next gathering; June perhaps and a new location?

Hello everyone;

A few things. May has come and mostly gone. Lots of birthdays for us. My brother and I have also played a game of One Page Rules. It’s a pretty fun system to push plastic models around.

However, let’s try and get together sometime in June for some cardboard chit action. I would love to see some COIN or ASL or perhaps a Levy and Campaign game played. What do you all think?

Also, we might want to meet at Layton gaming as it has more space and the Haven is starting to fill up rather quickly on the weekends. (Good for them!) Another options is The Collective. I think they just opened up the space they were expanding into…

What say you all?

Both spots are closer to me than the Haven spot so I’m down for either!

I’d love to play anything, I am still happy to bring Fire in the Lake and I could even bring Root too if we want wargaming-but-cutesy-characters-hiding-ruthless-asymmetric-factions gameplay!

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never been to any of those stores. anything works for me. I know COIN games and love them but a full game can take many hours even for people who know the rules. Rules not accessible exactly to newbies. I would recommend Clash of Cultures or Espana 1936 for some conquest type games that are doable that I own.