Your Tarokka Reading from Madam Eva

5 of Swords: This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy. Look for a den of wolves in the hills overlooking a mountain lake. The treasure belongs to Mother Night. - Retrieved.

5 of Stars: This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection, a holy symbol of great hope. The treasure is hidden in a small castle beneath a mountain, guarded by amber giants. - Retrieved.

3 of Clubs: This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance: a sword of sunlight. I see a kneeling woman — a rose of great beauty plucked too soon. The master of the marsh knows of whom I speak. - Retrieved

Ghost Card: This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness. I see a fallen paladin of a fallen order of knights. He lingers like a ghost in a dead dragon’s lair. - Retrieved

Darklord Card: Your enemy is a creature of darkness, whose powers are beyond mortality. This card will lead you to him! He lurks in the depths of darkness, in the one place to which he must return.