kharnskhorn: rburkej: Eldar and Dark Eldar team up to tackle a Tyranid swarm. #40k (at Games Workshop) I think I should have used the necron I brought instead. Oh well Yes, but thematically it was a fun game!

Played a 3v3 game with a random 7th player using Chaos Space Marines entering in on round 2 (or 3, I can’t remember). It was fun—crazy, for sure—but fun nonetheless. #latergram #40k #tabletop (at Games Workshop)

tournamentoftwo: Good morning brother! I’ve finished assembling my new friend, so he can say hi to your IG tanks next time we play. (12" movement, not slowed by difficult terrain, daemon = 5+ inv, it will not die, daemonforge = once per game, reroll wounds or armor pen, equipped with 2 power fists x2 to… Read More

tournamentoftwo: kharnskhorn: Tau vs Daemons w Chaos space marines , 2000 pts pics coming soon I’ve got to say, Daemons are quickly becoming my favorite army to play.  Love the warp storm table, high initiative for my Slaanesh themed army, and noise marines for support! There goes your cover! I am ready for the new… Read More