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D&D remains a do-it-yourself, low-tech, largely non commercial pastime. You don’t need gadgets or expensive equipment. The game doesn’t burn electricity or gas or batteries. No monthly fees or (un)necessary upgrades. You’re forced to interact with each other, to be present and face-to-face (not face in our iPhones or screens). With D&D, all you need is some dice, graph paper, some rule books, some pencils, and some provisions. In this way, D&D is a subversive, even revolutionary, fight against the status quo of entertainment in America.

Ethan Gilsdorf, in the insightful April, 2013 piece, What Is the Future of D&D and Tabletop Gaming? (via unpossiblelabs)

Dungeons & Dragons and the Influence of Tabletop RPGs | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios (by PBSoffbook)


My desire to start collecting (if not play!) as many RPGs as I can is growing. The current list I am excited to look at: 

I use to pick up some of the strangest RPGs I would find. Small publishers. Drivethru RPG is a great site to look through them all. (Bushido, Wraith, Shadowrun, PSI World…)

I am currently running a Dresden Files game, and our group will likely go back to D&D 4th (or DnDnext) after that.

(via Geekcentricity: Life from a Geekcentric perspective)

Anyone remember this awesome figure? Warduke!

Game night with friends. And Guinness.

On my radar.

Not sure how often I will do this, but with The Totally Rad Show ending I have been thinking a lot about the things that I enjoy. Apart from mentioning my beautiful wife, beautiful kids, which goes without saying how much I love them, I want to chronicle some of the many things that I have gotten excited about recently. In no particular order:

  1. Warhammer 40k. It is something my bother and I used to play years ago. We have recently gotten back into it, and it has been a lot of fun to spend time with Scott. My wife has gotten into it as well! (She is awesome.)
  2. D&D. I started playing when my brother got the first red box decades ago. I played up through high school, and quit playing somewhere after I got married. Fast forward 15 years, and I have gotten back into using 4th Edition. (I missed 3rd/3.5/Pathfinder.) It is different, but I am really enjoying it.
  3. Board Games. My first board game outside of the Matel/Hasbro titles was either, Talisman or some crazy Avalon Hill game. Catan, Agricola, Carcassonne, Level 7, Elder Signs, Lords of Waterdeep, Civilization: Through the Ages. Love them all.

What is on your radar?

Rolling to hit. #d20

TSR Games Returns

TSR Games Returns


Sometimes an old wizard has to sit down for a bit.

My DnD character.

Playing a game of The Lords of Waterdeep. (My new favorite game.)

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