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I was looking through a log book that my grandmother keep of my father’s first years. My father was born on Feb 25th. The first time my grandfather changed his diaper was 35 days after he was born. 

I think the first time I changed any of my children’s diapers was hours after their birth! Things have changed.

Diary vs. Blog

I have had a blog for a long time. Not that I am avid blogger, mind you. I initially started out of a fascination with running a LAMP based CMS platform. My first foray into Linux was some version of Mandrake, now Mandriva. That distribution never worked for me. That resulted with my brother buying me a version of Red Hat (7, I believe, this was prior to all the current Fedora versions.) That version installed and ran like a champ. Next I compiled and installed Movable Type. Now I had a server, website (no domain name, ran just from it my RR IP!) and blog all in one fell swoop. 

My love/hate relationships with journals (much more manly than a diary) started early in my life. I love books. I love the sensory experience of books. The weight of the paper. Their bindings. Their heaviness. Their smell. Their color. Their potential. Walking into a library or book store makes me think of all the thoughts, personalities and stories held within those proverbial four walls. So, I began buying blank journals, having every intention to help create that experience in a personal way, telling my personal stories. As much as I want to be a writer, I know I am not.

So after years of “blogging” and “writing” in my journal, I can say there is a stark difference for me. When I blog, like this, I write with understanding someone will read it. When I journal, I try to just write what I am thinking. That produces a stark difference. I am finding that journal-ing is very therapeutic. 

When you blog, knowing that people will read what you wrote, does it change the way you write?

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