dndwizards: Looks like it’s Bahamut’s turn to tour with The Decemberists. (Tiamat handles the international dates, Bahamut does the domestic ones.)  Here Bahamut makes his debut in Phoenix. Look for him at The Decemberists show near you. Amazing.

pijusmagnificus: This is an 1,800 year old Roman glass gaming die. It sold at Christie’s Auction House for $17,925 a few years ago.  “For when they played Dungeons and Dragons – in dungeons, with dragons”.  —————————————- Este es un dado romano de 1800 años de antigüedad. Se vendió en la casa de subastas Christie’s por 17,925… Read More


My desire to start collecting (if not play!) as many RPGs as I can is growing. The current list I am excited to look at:  Firefly RPG Fate Core (I would love to create/play a Song of Ice and Fire with Fate) Warhammer 40K  Supernatural  I use to pick up some of the strangest RPGs I… Read More RPGs

Episode_009 critjuice: Hold on to you halberds, here’s the new episode of CRIT JUICE! Starting the night off with Tom Fonss downing a full shot of 151 and MattB accidentally lighting his hand on fire, the group heads to Gub’s hometown of Blazestone. Without Gralford’s help, will they be able to take on Asmar the Ashmaker? And will… Read More

critjuice: If we reach 500 fans on Facebook by Friday, we will give away an awesome Crit Juice Prize Pack to one of our followers! Reblog this post on tumblr, and you’ll receive an extra entry into the raffle! #giveaway #loot