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Dungeons and Dragons

2nd Generation D&D Players

After searching in the ancient desk, you find a blank piece of paper. After giving it a good look, you can’t see any visible marks on it. While lost in trying to figure out its meaning, you become aware of someone or something breathing behind you. What do you do?” I started playing Dungeons and […]

D&D Inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame

We are extremely proud D&D has been recognized by the Strong Museum, and we owe what the game is today to you, our fans. As stewards of D&D, we will continue to make great entertainment to inspire your creativity.Nathan Stewart, Senior Director of D&D at Wizards of the Coast, was on hand in Rochester, NY […]

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Sweet, the Staples DM gave me some extra XP! (link) 

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D&D remains a do-it-yourself, low-tech, largely non commercial pastime. You don’t need gadgets or expensive equipment. The game doesn’t burn electricity or gas or batteries. No monthly fees or (un)necessary upgrades. You’re forced to interact with each other, to be present and face-to-face (not face in our iPhones or screens). With D&D, all you need […]


My desire to start collecting (if not play!) as many RPGs as I can is growing. The current list I am excited to look at:  Firefly RPG Fate Core (I would love to create/play a Song of Ice and Fire with Fate) Warhammer 40K  Supernatural  I use to pick up some of the strangest RPGs I […]

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(via Geekcentricity: Life from a Geekcentric perspective) Anyone remember this awesome figure? Warduke!

On my radar.

Not sure how often I will do this, but with The Totally Rad Show ending I have been thinking a lot about the things that I enjoy. Apart from mentioning my beautiful wife, beautiful kids, which goes without saying how much I love them, I want to chronicle some of the many things that I […]

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jonntheunknown: Sometimes an old wizard has to sit down for a bit. My DnD character.