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The launch of this website is going to be the death of me in more than one way.



by design studio Lernert & Sander

Too good not to share.

Here is what you get when I am in charge for dinner. Grilled Beer brats. Roasted rosemary potatoes. Milk stout. #food


I’m so thankful for food. THIS food, in particular. Sources can be found by clicking the pictures.

I am reblogging this so my wife can see it. 🙂


A 26-Pound Edible Gummy Party Python

I know some people that would pass out from this.


Denny’s Featuring a Middle-Earth Menu Inspired by The Hobbit

The neighbors made India food for us. And they have Chimay. WIN.

Ate at the BITE Hot Dog Company today. So good!

(via You have to give this a try – Smalahove from Voss | Food)

I think I would need more than one beer to down that.

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