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Jaden’s First Game of Twilight Struggle

One of the amazing thing about GMT Games’ Twilight Struggle is how simple it is. The mechanisms are easy to teach and don’t take long to go through.

After beating her in the second turn by controlling Europe, she had a feel of the game and wanted to play again right away.

Space Empires 4x, by GMT Games, is an amazing game. Strategic, tactical and thematic.

Played a game of GMT Games Napoleonics. I lost terribly as the French as there was one heroic British rifle light unit that decimated me.

(via Triumph and Tragedy (GMT) Review – YouTube)

Looks very similar to Victory in Europe. Definitely going on my wishlist.

All setup. #c3i #consim #gmtgames

Setting up @gmtgames 1805: Sea of Glory so @gabe_ezra and I can play. #wargame #bgg #history #gmtgames

“You’ve read the book, now play the game.”

I cannot wait to play this game!

Reading the rules before I pick up @gmtgames Genesis. ‘Twill be my first Berg game. #gmtgames #history #genesis #wargame

Finally getting some time to play more of Unconditional Surrender Case Blue.

(via Why political board games have the power to change our view of the world | Technology | The Guardian)

A great write-up on how significant gaming can be. Another game to look at is Freedom: The Underground Railroad.

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