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A work of Art. I call it, “The beginning of a lovely morning.”

(via “Genesis” Game Map – Late Bronze Age – Middle East « C3i Ops Center)

Looking forward to this game so much!

Furthermore, many have commented favorably to the concept of having the patrol zone areas superimposed on a geographic/nautical display to give the spatial sense of location (as witnessed in some fan-created supplements for The Hunters). Towards this end, we are delivering Patrol Maps for both Pearl Harbor and Australia.

Napoleonics. #gmtgames

Playing a game of Twilight Struggle.

Unconditional Surrender – Poland 1939

Fantastic Game, fantastic review.

Time of Crisis Design Diary #2 | Inside GMT blog

Time of Crisis Design Diary #2 | Inside GMT blog

Poland has fallen.

Going through some more training scenarios for Unconditional Surrender! by @gmtgames. Looking forward to get a longer scenario on the table during the holidays. (I may or may not have taken extra vacation days for it.) #wargame #bgg #tabletop #gmtgames #gmtgames #use

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