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War Game Day 6/4

The next war game day has been determined to be June 4th. What a great day for history!

And of course, two days later, June 6th, troops landed on the beaches of Normandy. D-Day. A great day to play some games!

Games to be Played

There have been a lot of talk going on about getting a COIN game to the table. Liberty or Death by GMT Games is the game of the day. There has also been enough interest in Space Empires 4X as well to warrant some table time. And then to wrap it up, Quartermaster General to fill space as needed.

If there are enough players, we can get a third game going! Feel free to discuss more on our forums or at our BGG Guild.

Eventbrite - Orlando War Game Day

Japanese hold Mount Suribachi! Twice!

We decided to play the Iwo Jima overlord scenario for Memoir ‘44 to honor of the 71st Anniversary. 

Initial setup:

First game setup. Connor, Charlie and Sean are playing the Japanese while Mike, Jeremy and myself are assaulting Iwo Jima.

It didn’t go well for the Americans. 

Next, Mike, Jeremy and myself take the role of the Japanese.

The Marines are not able to take Mount Suribachi.

Gotta say this game was played better by the three of us. Even Charlie and his team played better. The game came down to a single man left, needing to reach the top of Mount Suribachi. Alas, he was unable. 

It was a great day. 

If you live around Orlando, or ever find yourself in O-Town, feel free to check out We would love for to play some games with you!

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