A group of gamers that gather around Stanley Street, Longwood, FL.

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Going through some more training scenarios for Unconditional Surrender! by @gmtgames. Looking forward to get a longer scenario on the table during the holidays. (I may or may not have taken extra vacation days for it.) #wargame #bgg #tabletop #gmtgames #gmtgames #use

I cannot wait for this game! Go ahead and head over to GMT’s website and pre-order the game so it can get made!

Time of Crisis


Seriously!?! One of the coolest gaming rooms I’ve ever seen on display, and befitting of one who is Assistant Professor at U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Eric Monroe Walters — we salute you!

Uh, yes. 

Last night we played Ricochet Robots and Shadows over Camelot.

Setting up for my first game of Commands and Colors: Napoleonics.

Two units done. 680 more stickers to apply. Thanks @gmtgames! #bgg #tabletop #ccn

Played a game of Battle Cry with my daughter. I won 6-2.

Playing Battle Cry with my daughter. My daughter is playing Robert E Lee and I am McClellan. #bgg #tabletop #battlecry

Lawn has been mowed. Now it is time to learn a new game, Sword of Rome.

Trying to learn Winter Tales for this week’s game night.

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