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My knight has a new friend !

I can’t wait to die under its treads! 



Eldar and Dark Eldar team up to tackle a Tyranid swarm. #40k (at Games Workshop)

I think I should have used the necron I brought instead. Oh well

Yes, but thematically it was a fun game!


Illic is together. Just in time for our local GW Teams League.—Rob

Shots from our Warhammer 40K weekend.

Relic™ the Board Game (by FantasyFlightStudio)


My friends and family knows me so well. 🙂


My desire to start collecting (if not play!) as many RPGs as I can is growing. The current list I am excited to look at: 

I use to pick up some of the strangest RPGs I would find. Small publishers. Drivethru RPG is a great site to look through them all. (Bushido, Wraith, Shadowrun, PSI World…)

I am currently running a Dresden Files game, and our group will likely go back to D&D 4th (or DnDnext) after that.

On my radar.

Not sure how often I will do this, but with The Totally Rad Show ending I have been thinking a lot about the things that I enjoy. Apart from mentioning my beautiful wife, beautiful kids, which goes without saying how much I love them, I want to chronicle some of the many things that I have gotten excited about recently. In no particular order:

  1. Warhammer 40k. It is something my bother and I used to play years ago. We have recently gotten back into it, and it has been a lot of fun to spend time with Scott. My wife has gotten into it as well! (She is awesome.)
  2. D&D. I started playing when my brother got the first red box decades ago. I played up through high school, and quit playing somewhere after I got married. Fast forward 15 years, and I have gotten back into using 4th Edition. (I missed 3rd/3.5/Pathfinder.) It is different, but I am really enjoying it.
  3. Board Games. My first board game outside of the Matel/Hasbro titles was either, Talisman or some crazy Avalon Hill game. Catan, Agricola, Carcassonne, Level 7, Elder Signs, Lords of Waterdeep, Civilization: Through the Ages. Love them all.

What is on your radar?

Streaming today’s Warhammer 40k game!

Streaming today’s Warhammer 40k game!


My 15 year old Imperial Guard army. Will I beat my brother? Working on the army list right now.

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